Kylie Foster

Centre Manager

My name is Kylie, and I am a Mum of three wonderful children. I have been in the Early Education and Care industry for over 15 years, with experience on both remote and centralised services.

The old saying goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and to me that ‘village’ is the partnerships between families, educators and the wider community. I strongly believe that by children witnessing authentic relationships between adults they trust allows them to feel comfortable and confident within themselves and their environment.

I view all children as competent learners and leaders in their education, by truly knowing and understanding a child, educators are able to provide invitations of learning that excite and extend even the youngest child’s knowledge and confidence.

Jorden Scott

Educational Leader/Assistant Centre Manager

Hello, my name is Jorden, and as the Educational Leader at Nambour Early Learning Centre, you will find me throughout our centre as I work alongside our great educators to ensure that all children are included in an engaging early learning curriculum.

I believe that all children need to feel safe, secure, and respected, to ensure that they thrive in an early learning setting as they develop essential skills and understandings, which they will carry into the future.

It is important to me that no child is left behind, and that every person, whether big-or-small, young-or-old are given the same opportunities for success – and it all starts here, with the foundations created at childcare.

As a parent of children with special needs, I am an advocate for the proper treatment and inclusion of children from all special needs backgrounds. Through my personal philosophy, I approach every day with the mindset to always promote inclusion, for the right to an education.

Melinda Maher

Early Childhood Teacher

Hello, my name is Melinda. I have taught in the Early Years industry for over twenty years, taking on a variety of roles. 

Educating young children holds a great responsibility that is filled with lots of laughs, activity and enquiry. Being a Kindergarten Teacher, it is my role to prepare children to entre their formal schooling years with confidence and self belief. Guided by the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Framework, I provide a learning program which is designed to evoke imagination, challenge thinking, build relationships with families and the wider community and encourage FUN!


“Education is something that should not be done in isolation, rather it should be celebrated by the individuals community”

Deb Ferguson

Centre Chef

My greatest joy working with the children is being part of their daily learning achievements; watching them challenge themselves to new goals each day. Seeing the excitement on their little faces as they extend their knowledge of the world around them is so rewarding as a educator.  

Zoe Gaiger

Lead Educator

As an educator, there is nothing I look forward to more, than coming to work each day and seeing the children’s faces light up as you walk into the room. 

My goal is to ensure that all children feel safe, secure and supported at Nambour Early Learning and that each child is allowed the constant opportunity to thrive and challenge themselves with the support of educators.

Shountel Harijawan

Lead Educator

My passion for the Early Childhood Education and Care sector stems from my belief that all children have the right to be a part of a safe and stimulating environment.

Through authentic partnerships with children, families and the community , I aim to provide a high quality learning environment which promotes independence, critical thinking, risk taking and culture. 

Jess Le Fevre

Lead Educator

With over 10 years experience in the Early Childhood Sector, and a Mum of an energetic little man, I believe that all children best learn in a positive and fun learning environment. I am a strong believer in building strong mental health in both children and adults, and feel it is never too early to begin learning tools to assist in having positive and healthy minds

Dewi Eringarrd

Lead Educator

As an Early Childhood practitioner I believe that all children are unique and learn in many different ways, and develop at their own pace. 

It is my role to provide children with a safe learning environment that is both inclusive, engaging and dynamic, providing a strength based curriculum, adding to what the child already knows and building from this. 

Kristy Mostyn

Lead Educator

Coming Soon.

Paul Logan

Approved Provider

Hi, my name is Paul. Along with my wife Michelle, we are the proud owners of Nambour Early Learning Centre.

Watching our 4 children attend and thrive in early learning services, we saw the benefit of them being a part of a quality learning program, prior to beginning their formative schooling.  And we wanted to offer the same quality early education and care to the children and families of Nambour.

Being a regular face within the centre, I have built strong relationships with not just the educators but the children as well. It is humbling when they are excited to see me and tell me their stories and this is also confirmation that we are providing a service which is enabling confident, competent, happy children. I have also become a familiar face to many families, enjoying discussing the many different challenges, and joys of parenthood, and everything that comes with it.


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