Our Team

Dee Pitt

Service Leader (Advance Diploma of Early Childhood)


We hire some of the best, highly competent and most experienced educators who have vast knowledge in early childhood education. Our educators are trained to observe and assess the abilities of each child in a variety of contexts and establish the best way each learner can grow to their full potential.

What I love most about my role as service leader is supporting my team to be the best early years educators for our children.  I have a strong focus on learning through play in an unhurried and respectful environment.  I am an advocate for free flow curriculums and nature play where children are respected and allowed the opportunity to choose how their learning will look each day, and where and who they would like on this journey.  Ensuring children have a strong view of themselves as capable and confident individuals is my goal for each and every little person in my service.  I am an innovative, compassionate and creative leader and love to build strong and engaging relationships with our families and children and my team.

Danielle Rouilon

Assistant Director/Lead Educator Toddlers (Diploma) 

As a mum to 2 busy little boys, I have the same hopes, dreams, worries and expectations as a parent, which allows me to have a greater understanding of the best way to support the children and their families in our centre.  

I am passionate about building strong and respectful working partnerships with our families to ensure the best learning outcomes for their children.  I love watching our little friends explore, create and learn at their own pace and in their own space.


Jenna Soich

Educational Leader – Nursery (Diploma Early Childhood)

What I love about working in early childhood is being able to watch and support our little friends as they learn something new and being able to see these knowledge connections happen is just amazing. 

Coming to work each day and seeing the love and excitement the babies show as I come into the room fills my heart and soul with so much joy – and I know this is home.  I love my role as Educational Leader and being able to work with my team to challenge old school traditions of early childhood and ensure we are continuously improving on our educational programs and practice.

Yuki Lam


I love working in early childhood because I feel love every time I am working with our children each day.  Each morning they have lots of cuddles and big smiles as I walk into the nursery and this is the most perfect start to the day.  I enjoy 

I love working in early childhood because I feel love every time I am working with our children each day.  Each morning they have lots of cuddles and big smiles as I walk into the nursery and this is the most perfect start to the day.  I enjoy playing alongside our babies, talking, singing and laughing together as we learn.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to see the children learn and grow happily within our centre.

Catie Hayes

Educator Toddlers (Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care)

When I began my journey into working in Early Childhood Education my priority was my own child and finding a career path that allowed me flexibility to support him.

Since entering the industry my work has become much more than just a job. What I love about coming to work is the unconditional love you receive from children in your care. They look to us to be a partner in their learning journey and we are provided the opportunity to foster beautiful relationships with these little people and their families. 


Andrea Drechsler

Lead Educator in Senior Toddlers (Diploma of Early Childhood).

I enjoy sharing my love of the natural world through art, stories and small world imaginative play. It is important for me to offer the children resources that have been either found in the local bushlands around Australia or that I have hand crafted myself. 

Offering my children the opportunity to connect joyfully with nature ensures the future of our world is in safe hands and hearts. Andrea – Lead Educator in Senior Toddlers (Diploma of Early Childhood).

Mini Kaur

Educator Senior Toddlers (Certificate III)

I love working in early childhood as there is so much to learn – working with children is a huge learning experience and I am gaining new skills and knowledge from our little friends each day. 

I really enjoy spending quality time with the children and building strong and respectful relationships.


Nikki O'Sullivan

Lead Educator in Junior Kindy (Diploma of Early Childhood)

I love being a part of each child’s development journey at Nambour ELC.

 It’s very rewarding seeing children learn, flourish and grow, and even more of a privilege playing a role in children’s lives during the most vital years. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future and being able to provide a positive influence to support and assist each child is a great feeling as an educator.

Leanne Stutt

Educator Junior Kindy (Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care) 

When I arrive at work each day my goal is to help children feel safe and cared for, and extend their learning environments to promote self-esteem and independence. My passion is helping children learn and develop while having fun doing this. 

As an educator I believe it’s important to build secure trusting relationship with each child and their families to help guide them through their early years. Forming trusting relationships is essential to a child’s learning and development.  I pride myself on the bonds that I form with the children and their families; I really look forward to making a difference in each child’s life. 

Tamara Powell

Kindergarten ECT (Bachelor of Education)

I am passionate about working with the Kindergarten children and offering fun and engaging experiences each day.

 I love supporting and guiding our children in the all important early years before prep.  Making sure that we encourage children to respect themselves and have a say in what they would like to learn each day is paramount in my philosophy.  I strive to create a warm, safe and secure environment to build trusting relationships with every child to enhance their wellbeing and sense of belonging. 

Cristina Colwell

Centre Educator (Certificate III)

I enjoy supporting children and their families through learning, development and their wellbeing as they progress through these valuable first years of life. 

I am dedicated to ensuring all children I work with feel confident, creative, capable individuals with a lifelong love of learning.

Chloe Pitt


Tina Sethi

Debbie Ferguson

Centre Educator/Kitchen (Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood and also Disability Support)

My greatest joy working with the children is being part of their daily learning achievements; watching them challenge themselves to new goals each day. Seeing the excitement on their little faces as they extend their knowledge of the world around them is so rewarding as a educator.  

Natalie Usher



Centre Educator (Certificate III in Early Childhood) 

Working with children, talking with them and listening to them is the most rewarding job I can think of.

Knowing I can help them reach their full potential and then help the people in their life brings a huge smile to my face. There's always lessons you can teach children, and they'll show you a few too. 


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