Nambour Early Learning Centre Philosophy

Nambour Early Learning Centre Philosophy

Promoting Children’s Wellbeing

Nambour Early Learning Centre recognises the value of a healthy child. We support the health and well-being of children through maintaining positive and respectful relationships between learners and instructors. We believe that strong relationships with families are essential in promoting individual learning, inclusivity and a sense of self-worth. At Nambour Early Learning Centre, we foster strong bonds with families to appreciate each other’s role in the holistic development of children at the centre.



Freedom and Choice

Nambour Early Learning Centre recognizes the individuality of every child and their ability to decide. At Nambour Early Learning Centre, we respect and uphold every child’s right to take part in decisions that affect them and their learning at the centre. Our free flow curriculum provides choice, time and opportunities for children to exercise their independence and freedom in learning. We encourage kids to readily experiment and explore all available learning spaces to instil a sense of freedom and develop decision-making skills.


Continuous Improvement

Social and economic injustices hamper the ability of children to learn. Nambour Early Learning Centre acknowledges the need to identify, evaluate and address issues that negatively impact children’s learning experiences. We believe that self-improvement is a constant activity. We are always on the lookout for professional development avenues to improve our efficiency in educating our young ones. At Nambour Early Learning Centre, we seek to challenge old practices in early childhood learning and value innovation.


Connecting with the Community

Nambour Early Learning Centre appreciates the influence and impact of the wider community. We welcome and highly regard diversity in culture, language and traditions. We take pride in sharing the rich cultural background of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions through language, customs, and stories. Community partnerships are an essential part of our existence. We aim to promote this partnership by being active citizens of our community. The fraternity of Nambour Early Learning Centre takes part in numerous community outreach programs, including taking children for regular excursions within the community.


Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness

At Nambour Early Learning Centre, we take a holistic approach in educating children to be better citizens. We not only prepare kids for their careers or teach them how to relate to others, but we also believe that environmental sustainability is our responsibility. Nambour Early Learning Centre uses a naturalistic approach in helping children acquire knowledge. Our teaching and learning practices ensure that children develop a sense of responsibility towards the natural environment and purpose to consciously take care of it.

Our goal is to produce lifelong learners in championing for sustainable practices. When children learn to take care of the environment when they are young, they tend to carry that knowledge to their adulthoods. We aim to cut back our carbon footprints and operate in a manner that is ecologically friendly. Nambour Early Learning Centre moulds children to be environmentally aware and responsible by using learning activities that help them connect with the natural environment. As the world goes green, we at Nambour Early Learning Centre take it as our obligation to follow suit.