Nambour Early Learning Centre – Outdoor and Undercover Playground

Outdoor play ground nambour ELCWhoever said, “All work with no play makes Jack a dull boy,” was certainly right. After all, various studies suggest that child play is an essential part of early childhood learning. Playing games tends to stimulate the creativity and imagination of children, allowing them to freely explore their worlds and make relevant discoveries.


At Nambour Early Learning Centre, we acknowledge the fact that child play is the foundation in which children learn. As such, all our educational programs are play-based, in line with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).


But that’s not all.


To underline our resolve in offering the best play-based learning environments, we have unveiled a state-of-the-art outdoor and undercover playground to suit the academic needs of all children regardless of their abilities.


The playground is in a safe outdoor environment within the precincts of the school, where educators can keep a close eye on learners while giving them ample room to play and explore their environment. Furthermore, it is well-equipped with educational toys, coloring books and other play equipment that will certainly stimulate our young ones to utilize their creative energy and spark their imagination, subsequently developing their creative skills.


We take matters to do with the safety of our children with the seriousness that it deserves. For this reason, we ensure that all play equipment and toys are childproof and safe for use. Additionally, the playground is sizeable, with large spaces to accommodate several playgroups at once. We also rotate playtime between the different playgroups to provide sufficient room for children to play their favorite games, uninterrupted.


Themed using attractive, neutral colors and striking designs and decor, the arena is tailored to foster interest for learning. Book a tour of our premises today to see our exquisite children’s playground, firsthand. We will be glad to show you around!