Nambour Early Learning Centre – Indoor Learning Rooms

learning rooms at nambour ELC Children who receive their early childhood education in a setting that is welcoming and engaging, tend to develop cognitive and problem-solving skills faster than their counterparts in an unfavourable environment. At Nambour Early Learning Centre, we appreciate the fact that a well-established room for learning contributes immensely to the mental growth and development of a child. With this in mind, we have set up several rooms to accommodate the learning needs of every child.


Our rooms are partitioned into small, defined areas which limit unnecessary movements, subsequently reducing the risk of injury. Moreover, they are well organized for ease of use, with safety being our top-most priority. We have also invested heavily in high-quality furniture, including tables, chairs, mats, and shelves to define the different areas for learning and playing.


Our educators know that colours can work wonders in the mind of a child. To break the monotony of staring at a plain board, we have decorated our walls with intriguing paintwork and patterns to spark interest in learning and improve retention among the learners. We also encourage children to create their own artwork, which is then displayed in our art gallery.


The fun does not stop there. We also have a fully-equipped computer area, cooking area, music room, science and nature room and other interest areas where children can acquire important skills from a tender age. Moreover, we take into account the fact that children learn faster by sharing ideas with their peers. With this in mind, we have designed special rooms for splendid group experiences. On the same breath, we have reserved particular areas for private interactions with kids who have special needs.


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