Nambour Early Learning Centre Facilities

Nambour Early Learning Centre Facilities

Nambour Early Learning Centre is designed to cater to children between the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years. We are eager to provide high-quality education and an enjoyable learning experience that meets the needs and abilities of every child. Our free-flow curriculum is tailored to inspire creativity, independence, and discovery through play-based teaching programs.

With a team of dedicated educators, Nambour Early Learning Centre is committed to helping children acquire knowledge through learning programs guided by the Early Years Learning Framework. Nambour Early Learning Centre provides an ideal early learning centre that is equipped with adequate resources that facilitate the wholesome development of a child.


Indoor Learning Rooms

Nambour Early Learning Centre has adequate rooms for children of all ages to comfortably learn, play and relax. The indoor learning rooms are well lit and aired to provide a conducive learning environment. We have grouped children into three categories based on age as follows.

• Nursery-senior toddler -6 weeks to 3 years
• Junior Kindy- 3 to 4 years
• Kindergarten- 4 to 5years

There are nursery and toddler rooms, Junior Kindy rooms and Kindergarten rooms which are completed and equipped with adequate learning resources. We also have art supplies for children to create through hands-on experience.


Outdoor Learning Spaces

At Nambour Early Learning Centre, we ensure that our learning spaces are inclusive, safe and secure. “Since the playground is a significant aspect of our teaching program, a great deal of attention has been given to developing an area to challenge and stimulate the children’s growth. The playground seeks to balance safety with a natural scape which is in line with our naturalistic philosophy that seeks to connect children to the natural environment.
We are eager to provide a learning environment where children can cultivate a sense of responsibility, independence, and creativity. The outdoor spaces at Nambour Early Learning provide avenues where children can develop their physical as well as social skills.


Catering Facilities

There is a fully equipped kitchen at Nambour Early Learning Centre to ensure that meals of all the children at the centre are taken care of. For children to be healthy and capable of learning, they require a diet that meets all their nutritional needs. All Children at the centre are provided with fresh and nutritious meals which are prepared onsite by the centre chef.



The fee structure of Nambour Early Learning Centre is subject to CSS entitlement. We provide nappies for the young ones and meals, hats and sunscreen for all the children at the centre. We strive to continuously look for new ways to improve our services and professional skills for the benefit of every child.



Nambour Early Learning Centre is an institution that holds in high regard holistic development of children in their early years. We have developed state of the art facilities that ensure children utilise their full learning potential. Families and children may begin touring the centre and its facilities from 17th December to witness and evaluate the suitability of the institution for their children.