The early years of children’s development are critical as children begin to develop physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. Creating a supportive environment for their learning process shapes their development journey and ability to grasp essential skills and knowledge that they need to go through the various stages of their lives.

Nambour Early Learning Centre accommodates young ones from 6 weeks to 2 years in well thought out nursery and toddler rooms fit for children and their parents. We provide a caring and safe environment for children below two years to begin their journey towards exploration and learning guided by the Early Years Learning Framework.


Quality Relationships Are Essential

Nambour Early Learning Centre understands the importance of forming trusting relationships between infants and their caregivers. Our friendly educators build quality relationships with the children for them to feel loved and develop a sense of belonging within the centre.

During their interactions, our educators bond with children by spending time with them and showing affection through hugs and tickles. Nambour Early Learning Centre also fosters strong relationships with parents to help educators come up with routines for young ones needed to develop a sense of self-worth and support individual learning of every child.

Creating strong attachments with children makes them feel safe and secure away from home. This boosts their confidence to explore, learn new skills and achieve their developmental milestones.


Learning Through Play

Play enables children to experiment, make discoveries, express themselves and be creative. Children below two years learn best through activities that stimulate their senses. At this stage, learning takes place through observation, hearing, and movement. Our educators use play-based teaching programs to support children’s learning and development while considering their individual interests and abilities.

At Nambour Early Learning Centre, infants are exposed to music, exercise, outdoor blanket time, facial and verbal mimicking. These activities help the young ones learn how to communicate, listen and develop their cognitive and gross motor skills.

Toddlers are involved in outdoor play, music, stories and learning simplicities to reinforce their existing skills and learn new ones as they are prepared to manage their own learning. Through play, children at the centre develop their social, emotional, physical and problem-solving skills necessary for their subsequent learning stages.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Our teaching programs are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and expected outcomes. Parents are given daily reports about the activities accomplished during the day including meal times, nap times and toilet training. We have an Open-Door policy at Nambour Early Learning Centre that facilitates feedback with parents which helps us cater for individual needs for every family and help children attain their development milestones.