Dee Pitt – Nominated Supervisor/Director

Dee Pitt – Nominated Supervisor/Director

Dee Pitt is the nominated director at Nambour Early Learning Centre. She is an accomplished professional who has spent 23 years of her life working in the early childhood education sector. As a director, Dee Pitt is practical and engaging in her approach to administration; leading and mentoring her team by example.


Her impressive leadership abilities have seen her take the role of a director for ten years, six of which have been spent at Mountain Creek Early Learning Centre. Dee Pitt is highly devoted to ensuring learning at the centre is an enjoyable experience. Her immense knowledge and experience help her in impacting positively in the lives of those entrusted under her leadership.


During her tenure at Mountain Creek Early Learning Centre, Dee Pitt has been involved in many projects aimed at improving early childhood education. She has participated in numerous action research projects which have been successful. Dee Pitt has been instrumental in the introduction of Early Years Learning Framework and best practices for children’s learning and development at the centre. Her genuine dedication to constant improvement sets her apart in her line of work.


Dee Pitt is recognised for her effort in promoting personal development in children. She is the facilitator of Fun Friends, a program aimed at building emotional resilience in the early years of development. Fun Friends Program equips children with skills they require to transition smoothly from early years’ education to normal school life. Her contribution to this course has played a part in supporting the social and emotional well-being of children within the program.


Driven by a passion for developing a sense of independence in children, Dee Pitt encourages freedom in learning. She strives to cultivate responsibility in children by providing a suitable environment that allows them to manage their own learning. Dee Pitt believes in the naturalistic philosophy for children’s learning. She acknowledges the importance of Nature Play in nurturing decision-making skills and environmental awareness in early childhood education. She, therefore, encourages the use of this approach in teaching practices.


Dee Pitt is an innovative leader. She strives to overcome outdated early childhood traditions and continuously looks for new ways of offering the best early learning experience to the children at Nambour Early Learning Centre. She focuses on building trusting relationships and civil partnerships with all families and children in the centre to achieve this goal. As a holder of Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services, her knowledge has been significant in enabling her to execute her responsibilities with efficiency.