A Fun Early Learning Environment for 2-4-Year-Olds

A Fun Early Learning Environment for 2-4-Year-Olds

Nambour Early Learning Centre has senior toddlers and junior kindy rooms for accommodating children between 2 to 3 years and 3 to 4 years respectively. As children begin to be more independent at this stage, our educators support them by focusing on play-based teaching programs that allow them to resource their own learning.

We provide time, opportunity and safe learning spaces for children to fully explore their learning potential guided by the Early Years Learning Framework. Our educators support children in their learning, keeping in mind the uniqueness of every child regarding interest and abilities. We also involve parents in the learning process of their children by providing daily reports of activities accomplished with their children.

Developmental Milestones

At this stage, children show increased interest in physical activity having developed excellent gross motor skills. They also begin to make friendships, communicate more effectively and grow their vocabularies. As their cognitive abilities improve, they can take on simple tasks, following instructions and solving problems.

Nambour Early learning centre acknowledges that children have rights and are capable of decision making. We strive to cultivate independence and give children the power of choice through a free flow learning curriculum and play-based teaching programs.

Fun Learning Activities for Your Child

At Nambour Early Learning Centre, we provide an inclusive environment where every child feels loved and accepted. Our educators engage learners in fun outdoor activities where they can learn to manage their learning. As children interact through play, they learn the importance of sharing and fairness. They learn to take risks and tackle challenges that come from social interactions which build their emotional resilience and shape them to be better versions of themselves.

Our naturalistic approach to learning enables us to instil the value of environmental responsibility in children. Children at the centre also learn the importance of environmentally sustainable practices by taking care of our worm farm and poultry.

At Nambour Early Centre, regular excursions enable children to be active members of the community and learn about respect and appreciation of diversity. We are keen on building a strong foundation for children between two and four years to develop holistically and learn skills that promote independence, a sense of self-worth and good relationships with others.


Nambour Early Learning Centre will begin its session on 14th January 2019. You can secure a spot for your child through our digital platform – Enrolments. Families are welcome to take a tour of our learning facilities starting from 17th December 2018.

You can book a day for your visit in advance or seek clarification by calling us through 5476 0176 or the contact page. At Nambour Early Learning Centre, we aim to provide the ultimate learning experience for each learner at the centre so that they can achieve their learning objectives.